zondag 4 januari 2009

People are strange....big brother is watching

Police: take photo of strange people

4 January 2009 – The police have sent residents of the Oostenburg neighbourhood a letter asking them to take photos of people who should not be there or who are ‘different’. It wants to restore social control and prevent burglaries.

A police spokesperson told het Parool what people should be looking for: “Does anything out of the ordinary happen? Is someone in the neighbourhood behaving conspicuously? Are there people who are different, people who normally shouldn’t be there? Also look if people display searching behaviour, look into car windows. Is anyone acting strangely?”

The initiative was an idea of a trainee policeman who noticed a rise in car burglaries in the new Funenpark residential area.

In the future, the police want to set up a tool to store and analyse submitted photos automatically. Among other things, the tool should assess whether the photos are genuine. Information about the person who submitted the photo will be stored as well.

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