dinsdag 6 januari 2009

Impersonated at Boom

A few weeks back, Seth and Josh Meyers came to town to revisit their old improv stomping ground, Boom Chicago. Seth has become very famous on Saturday Night Live, and Josh was on a show I like called Mad TV, in which he occasionally played a crazed Dutchman named Geert (with the exellent euroshite-disco spoof track "Dingle Dangle Song")=

Anyway, we made a last-minute decision to go and it was great - the best part for me was when they did an improv based on the Dating Game and asked for a Dutchman's business card to base one of the characters around - no one volunteered, but Josh saw me hesitating, and urged me to give mine up - I'm not really Dutch but have a Dutch-ish last name and a business in Amsterdam, so it worked out - and so Josh Meyers, using his Geert voice and character, pretended to be ME in a Dating Game show - Damon the Dutch sound engineer - he came out with my exact same glasses, which got a big laugh - but luckily spared my crap hair and put on the eccentric curly-haired Dutch wig, and every minute, would throw away a mobile phone. I was totally dying as he took the piss out of my profession and business, proclaiming "Yesh, I am the beshtest audio engineer in the Netherlands!! If it rocked - ik heb het gemaakt!!!" - apparently I shagged Ellen ten Damme on the studio floor recently as well!! Here are some pix I managed to sneak - I would have filmed the whole Dating Game thing, but the iphone, for all its wonderfulness, does NOT have video capability!!! He's the guy with the red tie - after the show, he even came up to me and thanked me for giving him the card - and I felt compelled to speak back to him in a fake Dutch accent....

During the performance, Seth Meyers did his "Saturday Night Live" news bit, using jokes which NBC had rejected because they were too "extreme"......and they were bloody hilarious - it's apparent that SNL isn't so great because they have bad writers, but possibly because they are too restrained due to the network/puritanical network affiliation=

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