maandag 4 februari 2008

Joran van der Sloot

One disappointing aspect of learning Dutch is that it doesn't open up many doors in terms of new books or films that can be enjoyed, unlike French, German or Spanish. But I finally got a chance to experience something "worldly" with my adopted language when there was an exclusive 2-hour special on Dutch TV last night, where a hidden camera caught Joran van der Sloot, the suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance, openly admitting what he had done and generally showing the world what a complete cockroach of a human being he is. Whether he's guilty or not, he is truly such a miserable c*** that he deserves any and all misery that will follow. I won't go into what he said as that's to be read everywhere, especially after the US version of the show airs tonight (I wonder if they will subtitle or dub Joran?) - this must be the first time the Dutch language will be so prominent on American TV - Americans may think he's not confessing, but clearing his throat and spitting a lot (for those who never heard it, it's quite a gruff language!). Let's just say he passes every point of the Sociopathic Checklist with flying colours!

Anyway, I think Peter R DeVries, the Dutch criminologist who is a bit of a media whore but generally gets results, overstepped his bounds when he says he "solved the case". Yes, he rigged a car with hidden cameras and got an undercover guy to lure Joran into telling him what "really happened" that night (which of course Joran claims was a lie to just tell the guy what he wanted to hear). But he hasn't made any Sherlock Holmesian discoveries. He has obtained a confession that may not even be legally binding, especially considering Joran was stoned most, if not all, the time. Plus, it was obvious Joran looked up to this guy was trying to impress him, so maybe he was making the whole thing up - he is just a 20-year old narcissistic, habitual-lying punk after all. At first, I thought just that. But as he continued to rant about what happened that night, he really went into detail and looked like he really was letting something out that he had never admitted before. Of course, part of being a sociopath is being a very believable liar, so it COULD be a big lie as well. But what wasn't a lie was the disgusting manner in which he spoke of the police, of Natalee, the Aruban brothers, and almost everyone around him. Maybe it's not fair, but I don't even care now whether he really did or not - I hope he gets punished or becomes the victim of some American Southern lynchmob-type justice. The sad thing is that the Dutch legal system is so tame, that even murderers get just 10 years in jail. The guy who killed Pim Fortuyn got a small sentence, will probably get out earlier, has a nice private cell with cable TV and because he's a vegan, his own chef!!! I don't think they can ever prove Joran as a murderer, so he will most likely get 6 months for disposing of the body at worst.

For a small country, Holland is making big news lately. Soon we'll also have Geert Wilders anti-Muslim film released. The government is freaking out that there will be riots and problems after it is screened. There probably will.

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